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  1. 130820A Thesaurus of Diatonic Sets by Vic Dillahay
  2. 121211A Still, Still, Still: An Aspen Street Christmas by Aspen Street
  3. 010121A Graphite Addiction by Graphite Addiction
  4. 140204A Watching Water by The TAC Project
  5. 140218A Guitarist (Occasional Musician) T-Shirt
  6. 140325A Analogues of Infinity by Vic Dillahay
  7. 140329A Curious Automata Logo T-Shirt
  8. 140329B Curious Automata Performance T-Shirt
  9. 140329C Curious Automata Backpack
  10. 140329D Curious Automata Beenie
  11. 140329E Curious Automata Mug
  12. 140329F Curious Automata Water Bottle
  13. 140414A Graphite Addiction Album T-Shirt
  14. 140414B Watching Water T-Shirt
  15. 140414C Disaster Squad T-Shirt
  16. 140414D The Pete & Vic Duo T-Shirt
  17. 140414E The Pete & Vic Duo Coffee Mug
  18. 140414F Analogues of Infinity Cover T-Shirt
  19. 140415A Watching Water Cover Bottle
  20. 140415B Watching Water Text Bottle
  21. 140419A Curious Automata Women’s Premium T-Shirt
  22. 140422A Disaster Squad by Ellis, Carillo, Planells
  23. 140520A The Pete & Vic Duo by The Pete & Vic Duo
  24. 140729A Index of Movement in Diatonic Sets by Vic Dillahay
  25. 140822A Come on Down to Rip Club ad by Tim Carmichael
  26. 141031A October 31st, 2014 by The Sapient Machines
  27. 141202A Christmas Sampler (Curious Automata Promo)
  28. 150217A left blank by Vic Dillahay
  29. 150218A left blank T-Shirt
  30. 150218B Analogues of Infinity T-Shirt
  31. 150312A left blank Neon Orange T-Shirt
  32. 150412A Building a Better Tree T-Shirt
  33. 150616A Graphite Addiction Sketch Logo T-Shirt
  34. 150616B Avoidance of Melody is a Virtue T-Shirt
  35. 160129A Graphite Addiction Sketch Logo T-Shirt
  36. 160205A ASCYL Album Cover T-Shirt
  37. 160202A Twisted Drums by Rich Carlson
  38. 160322A a second chance, years later… by Graphite Addiction
  39. 160205A Occasional Music Manhattan Bridge T-Shirt
  40. 160903B Snarky Anarchy Ringer/Baseball T-Shirt
  41. 160903C Snarky Anarchy Inverted Ringer/Baseball T-Shirt
  42. 160913A Occasional Music by Vic Dillahay
  43. 160916A Hillbilly Moshpit Jam Single by Snarky Anarchy
  44. 161025A Indescribable Differences by Snarky Anarchy
  45. 170119A 3ology Logo T-Shirt
  46. 170221A Out and About, Half-Circled by Gemonious Rex
  47. 170321A Sifferson by Graphite Addiction
  48. 170425A Beat Four by 3ology
  49. 170822A Songs Found Under the Couch by Richard Ellis
  50. 170822B Play One Song by Richard Ellis, Louis Carrillo, and Kendal Crews
  51. 170919A The Blue Dog by Graphite Addiction
  52. 171024A Initial Convergence by Vic Dillahay
  53. 171025A Dry Land by Tim Carmichael and Vic Dillahay