Improvised angular grooves.

Aspen Street
Acoustic ensemble playing hits from the 12th century to today.

Moving music.

Rich Carlson
Twisted drums.

Doug Carmichael
Saxophonist and educator.

Tim Carmichael
Electric and acoustic upright bassist from Colorado.

Vic Dillahay
Guitarist (occasional musician)

Peter Ehrmann
Percussionist, composer, arranger.

Richard Ellis
Guitarist deconstructing popular music.

Gemonious Rex
Jazz quartet led by Justin Highland.

Graphite Addiction
World rhythms, jazz harmonies, and melodic hooks to keep you grooving.

Free voice.

The Pete & Vic Duo
A vibraphone and guitar duo playing favorites from the golden age of American song.

The Sapient Machines
An experiment in music.

Snarky Anarchy
Very angry.

TAC Project
All the things a bass can do.