Analogues of Infinity (2014)

by Vic Dillahay
Released March 25th, 2014
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I recorded this solo guitar album in a single one-hour take on February 14th, 2013. It has been edited for time and the pieces have been reordered. There are no overdubs — all of the loops and effects were done live using a variety of pedals.

The result is a sometimes brooding and sometimes hopeful collection of improvisations (and one folk song) that sound very much like the snowy day on which they were recorded.

I’m releasing the audio under a Creative Commons Attribution license, so if a piece tickles your ear feel free to rework it into something better.

Thanks for listening,
-Vic Dillahay


  1. Good Morning (1:19)
  2. Questioning (0:47)
  3. Rings Around the Sun (4:32)
  4. It’s No Wonder We Can’t Sleep (4:43)
  5. Negative One Twelfth (3:01)
  6. Greenpoint (0:34)
  7. Theme (0:44)
  8. I80 (3:04)
  9. I85 (2:07)
  10. E Minor (4:32)
  11. Caustic Vapors (2:15)
  12. Simple Gifts (2:28)
  13. Lance Creek Wyoming, 3am (3:15)
  14. Inside Around (0:57)
  15. The Lurking Terror (1:06)
  16. Somewhere Else Entirely (3:43)

Total Length 38:57


Cover photo by Karan Bishop

Recorded in Fort Collins, Colorado on February 14th, 2013.

Guitar: Godin Multiac Jazz

Effects: Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive, T-Rex Mudhoney, Maxon PT-999, Suhr Riot,
Ehx Ring Thing, Ehx Memory Boy Deluxe, Ehx Memory Man Deluxe with Hazarai,
Ernie Ball 6166, Maxon AD-900

Amp: Two-Rock Classic Reverb 50W into a 112 Signature Cab

The microphone was a single Shure SM57.


Vic Dillahay – Solo Guitar
Random poochy noises by Rockett.


The audio on this album is covered by a creative commons attribution license

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