Disaster Squad (2014)

by Ellis, Carrillo, Planells
Released April 22nd, 2014
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An album of intense rock-edged improvisations from guitarist Richard Ellis, percussionist Louis Carrillo, and bassist Jimmy Planells.


Richard Ellis – Guitar
Louis Carrillo – Drums
Jimmy Planells – Bass


  1. Water Over Bridges
  2. Repetitions
  3. The Avoidance of Melody is a Virtue
  4. We Find Ourselves Lost
  5. Kisatchie
  6. Giant Eagle Tatoo
  7. We Like It Very Much
  8. A Bad Place
  9. The Wheels of Industry
  10. We End

Total Length 38:00


Recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 19th, 2003.

Cover Photograph by Tim Ellis at French Quarter Photography
Tray Card Photos by Peter Ehrmann

Produced for Curious Automata by Vic Dillahay.

Copyright 2014 Richard Ellis, Louis Carrillo, Jimmy Planells
All Rights Reserved