Pete Ehrmann performing on vibraphone at The Cellar in Longmont, Colorado

Pete EhrmannPercussionist, Composer, Arranger

Peter is a graduate of the University of Colorado. He was awarded a Bachelor of Music Educations and a Master of Music Performance. He has studied with John Galm, Steve Mullins, and Sandy Shaeffer. While working on his Masters Degree, Peter presented a lecture on the Art of Drum Soloing of Max Roach at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention.

Peter has taught in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts. He has performed rock, jazz, and classical music for many years in various groups in Colorado. He has done theater work for the Longmont Theater Company and Woof Productions in Boulder.

Peter has played Early music as a member of the “Boar’s Head Band” for period feasts, weddings, and dances. He was the Music Director at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Boulder.

Peter was the percussionist and drummer for the fusion trio Graphite Addiction. Their music is available on most digital music services.

Now retired, Peter lives in Michigan with his wife Becky and their dogs.


Vibraphonist Pete Ehrmann plays at The Cellar in Longmont, Colorado
Pete at The Cellar in Longmont, Colorado


Drums and Percussion

  • Fred Shelton—What's Cookin' at Fred's (Tiwiwas Publishing, 1981) Tunes from the Boulder, Colorado legend.
  • Generations—October 2001 (Self-released, 2001) Big Band.
  • WMQ featuring Marguerite Juenemann—IMHO (Junetunes, 2005) A swinging quartet with the former Rare Silk vocalist.
  • Graphite Addiction—Graphite Addiction Demo (Self-released, 2006) Live promotional cd, reissued in 2020.
  • Graphite Addiction—Graphite Addiction (CDE Records, 2007) Jammy jazz to keep you grooving.
  • Graphite Addiction—a second chance, years later... (Curious Automata, 2016) One take, fully improvised.
  • Snarky Anarchy—Indesribable Differences (Curious Automata, 2016) Angry punk. Starring Pete Ehrmann as Chris Cruncher.
  • Graphite Addiction—Sifferson (Curious Automata, 2017) So begins the mysterious tale of Sifferson and the mysterious Blue Dog.
  • Graphite Addiction—The Blue Dog (Curious Automata, 2017) The double concept album comes to an end.
  • Graphite Addiction—Mr. Phatpants (Curious Automata, 2020) An early alternative version of Graphite Addiction.
  • Graphite Addiction—Grateful Destination (Curious Automata, 2020) Featuring Pete's composition "Message for Becky".
  • Graphite Addiction—Thoughtful Departure (Curious Automata, 2021) A musical conversation, freely improvised.

Mandolin, Mandola, and Percussion


  • The Pete & Vic Duo—The Pete & Vic Duo (Curious Automata, 2014) Swing jazz from the golden age of American song.

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