Christmas Sampler (2014)by Artists with Curious AutomataMerry Christmas!

A collection of Curious Automata favorites to celebrate our first year.

Peace and Harmony!


Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

  • Guitar: Richard Ellis
  • Drums: Louis Carrillo
  • Bass: Jimmy Planells

Track 6


  1. Watching Water by The TAC Project from Watching Water (3:52)
    © 2014 Tim Carmichael US‑DHM‑14‑01799
  2. Twas in the Moon of Wintertime by Aspen Street from Still, Still, Still (2:36)
    © 2012 Peter J. Ehrmann US‑DHM‑14‑04325
  3. Number 42 by Graphite Addiction from Graphite Addiction (9:51)
    © 2007 Tim Carmichael, Vic Dillahay, Pete Ehrmann US‑DHM‑14‑03579
  4. Somewhere Else Entirely by Vic Dillahay from Analogues of Infinity (3:43)
    © 2014 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑14‑02294
  5. Giant Eagle Tattoo by Ellis, Carrillo, Planells from Disaster Squad (6:44)
    © 2014 Richard Ellis, Louis Carrillo, and Jimmy Planells US‑DHM‑14‑06294
  6. Oseh Shalom by The Pete & Vic Duo from The Pete & Vic Duo (2:20)
    Traditional US‑DHM‑15‑22440


Track 1 Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Scott 'Gusty' Christensen.

Track 2 Recorded in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2012.

Track 3 Recorded in March 11th, April 6th, and April 7th 2006 at CMIC in Longmont, Colorado.

Track 4 Recorded in Fort Collins, Colorado on February 14th, 2013.

Track 5 Recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 9th, 2003.

Track 6 Recorded in Fort Collins, Colorado on March 22nd, 2013.

Photo Credit:

Cover photo courtesy of the Swedish National Heritage Board: God Jul! - Merry Christmas!, Söderhamn, Hälsingland, Sweden (Christmas greetings from Söderhamn.) (Julhälsning från Söderhamn.)

Parish (socken): Söderhamn

Province (landskap): Hälsingland

Municipality (kommun): Söderhamn

County (län): Gävleborg

Photograph by: Unknown. Almquist & Cöster

Date: 1940-1959

Format: Cliché, film with text

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Technical Data

  • Label: Curious Automata
  • Catalog Number: 141202a
  • Released: December 2nd, 2014
  • Format: Promotional CDr and Digital
  • Total Tracks: 6
  • Duration: 29:09


Album Copyright

©: 2014 Curious Automata
: 2014 Curious Automata