Vic Dillahay with his Klein Electric guitar.

Vic DillahayGuitarist. (occasional musician)

“Interesting experiments with a cheeky attitude.”
Bernard Hellmuth (Sven Melo)

With his wide-open tone and wryly witty compositions, Colorado-based guitarist Vic Dillahay blends a myriad of styles into an unmistakably unique voice. For over 20 years, he has refined this distinctive sound with numerous jazz ensembles, Liam O'Beirne's progressive Celtic band Indigent Row, and the fusion trio Graphite Addiction with Pete Ehrmann (Generations) and Tim Carmichael (3ology). His discography is equally eclectic, having appeared on over 25 albums ranging from swing jazz to electronic noise. His recent solo work explores the rich history of American music with free-roving jazz, blues, and rock-tinged improvisations.

Vic is committed to supporting music education for everyone, teaching all ages and levels of experience at Boomer Music Company in Fort Collins and Guitars, Etc. in Longmont. He is a sought after clinician and coach across the region with an emphasis on jazz guitar at the middle and high school level. Some of his students have gone on to study music at Berklee School of Music, The University of North Texas, and The University of Colorado Denver and a number of them are currently professional musicians. He is a board member with the Longmont Jazz Association and is the chair of its education committee.

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Vic with Guitar
Vic Dillahay in Loveland, Colorado.


  • Analogues of Infinity (Curious Automata, 2014) Solo electric guitar noodlings on the theme of the infinite.
  • left blank (Curious Automata, 2015) Improvised electric guitar score for live video manipulations. Now with 100% less visuals.
  • Occassional Music (Curious Automata, 2016) Solo acoustic guitar improvisation.
  • Initial Convergence (Curious Automata, 2017) Electric and acoustic improvisations.
  • We Were (Curious Automata, 2018) Whatever else may be, we were. Acoustic and electric guitar.
  • Unexplained Noises (Curious Automata, 2019) A collection of odds and ends.
  • Foundry (Curious Automata, 2019) An improvisation on solo baritone guitar.
  • Other Analogues (Curious Automata, 2020) A solo improvisation on electric guitar.
  • Tim Carmichael and Vic DillahaySpring Cleaning (Curious Automata, 2021) Catching up.
  • Music to Squeak By (Curious Automata, 2021) Sufficient Guitar.
  • Music for Chasing Squirrels (Curious Automata, 2022) SQUIRREL!
  • What Was (Curious Automata, 2023) Somewhat perturbed improvisations.



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