Vic Dillahay with Guitar at Boomer Music

Vic DillahayGuitarist. (occasional musician)

“Interesting experiments with a cheeky attitude.”
Bernard Hellmuth (Sven Melo)

Vic Dillahay is a Colorado-based jazz guitarist, composer, and educator. He is best known as a founding member of the world fusion trio Graphite Addiction. A restless musical explorer, Dillahay has also played with a number of other groups in a wide variety of styles. A few of these include Celtic rockers Indigent Row, the acoustic folk ensemble Aspen Street, and the traditional swing group The Pete and Vic Duo. He founded the Curious Automata record label in 2013. Vic’s recent solo albums explore the rich history of American music with free-roving jazz and rock-tinged improvisations.

Vic currently teaches private guitar, mandolin, and ukulele lessons to students of all ages and levels of experience. Some of his students have gone on to study music at Berklee School of Music, The University of North Texas, and The University of Colorado Denver and a number of them are currently professional musicians.

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Graphite Addiction (2007) Album Cover
Vic Dillahay in Loveland, Colorado.


  • Vic Dillahay―Thesaurus of Diatonic Sets (Curious Automata, 2013) Reference book with all possible subsets of the diatonic scale cross-indexed.
  • Vic Dillahay―Analogues of Infinity (Curious Automata, 2014) Solo electric guitar noodlings on the theme of the infinite.
  • Vic Dillahay―Index of Movement in Diatonic Sets (Curious Automata, 2014) How the sets of the diatonic scale interact.
  • Vic Dillahay―left blank (Curious Automata, 2015) Improvised electric guitar score for live video manipulations. Now with 100% less visuals.
  • Vic Dillahay―Occassional Music (Curious Automata, 2016) Solo acoustic guitar improvisation.
  • Vic Dillahay―Initial Convergence (Curious Automata, 2017) Electric and acoustic improvisations.
  • Vic Dillahay―We Were (Curious Automata, 2018) Whatever else may be, we were. Acoustic and electric guitar.
  • Vic Dillahay―Unexplained Noises (Curious Automata, 2019) A collection of odds and ends.
  • Vic Dillahay―Foundry (Curious Automata, 2019) An improvisation on solo baritone guitar.

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