Music to Squeak By (2021)by Vic DillahaySufficient guitar.

There are two great loves in my life: instrumental guitar records and the animals I annoy by playing them.

This album is a tribute to both.

Vic Dillahay


  • Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Bass VI, Programming, Keyboards, Electronic Drums, Percussion, and Counting Aloud:Vic Dillahay


  1. Grin (3:50)
    © 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑21‑04020

    A triadic melody with unexpected resolutions, too many solo sections, and my favorite drum groove in the outro. This one always makes me smile.

  2. Penguin Eddie (4:11)
    © 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑21‑04021

    Eddie was a local bar-fly I met after a gig. He told me a tipsy tale of his exploits catching a penguin ("It was an emperor penguin!") out of a zoo's exhibit. I wrote this as a tribute to his brilliant comedic timing and syncopated phrasing.

  3. Laetitia's Lost Chords (2:05)
    © 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑21‑04022

    As a teen in the 90s, I learned a Maj7 barre chord and promptly wrote "Song for Laetitia". My dad always poked fun at its naive harmony so I reworked it with hipper chords. Years later I missed the original's simplicity and inadvertent mixed-meter so I wrote them into this cut.

  4. Serva Jugum (3:23)
    © 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑21‑04023

    Clan Hay's motto, "Keep the Yoke" provides the title for this one. It's a standard gopuccha yati cycle for the head and a funk waltz in the solo.

  5. Kiddo (4:30)
    © 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑21‑04024

    Side A ends with a dedication to my Grandpa John. The melody is a tone row but it's harmonized as a jazz ballad in E-flat. Grandpa would have loved this as he was both a lover of irony and completely tone deaf.

  6. Smolkin's Boogie (1:35)
    © 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑21‑04025

    Every instrumental guitar album needs a boogie. This one is just a bit confused about where it's going.

  7. Half the Times I've Failed (4:18)
    © 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑21‑04026

    Written in a lesson to demonstrate writing to a prompt. Played on my early-2000s "Electric Memory" rig.

  8. Frickle Frackle (2:44)
    © 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑21‑04027

    Because I really wanted a minor Blues.

  9. Somewhere East of Omaha (4:16)
    © 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑21‑04028

    As my late friend Ward Harston put it: "That's not really a rhythm."

  10. Ricky Loves LuLu (3:54)
    © 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay US‑DHM‑21‑04029

    There used to be a bridge by Erie, Colorado with this graffiti on it. When the railroad removed it someone painted "Ricky Still Loves LuLu". That deserves a song.


Thanks to Richard Ellis for reminding me B-flat is always the best choice and to Charlie Bear for making sure I focus on what is truly important in life: chasing squirrels.

Apologies to Nate Smith for mangling his excellent drum loops.


For Rockett Poochy (2007-2020)

Music supervisor, Charlie's best brother, and the most glorious cover Poochy ever. I love you and I miss you.

Technical Data

  • Label: Curious Automata
  • Catalog Number: 210630A
  • Catalog Number (Lathe Cut): 210630B
  • Released: June 20th, 2021
  • Format: Lathe Cut Vinyl, CD, and Digital
  • Total Tracks: 10
  • Duration: 34:50
  • UPC (Lathe-Cut Vinyl): 756839548311
  • UPC (Digital): 638865196479
  • UPC (CD): 885007844266


Album Copyright

©: 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay
: 2021 Victor Carlton Dillahay