A number of photos of Richard Ellis in his teaching room at Guitars, Etc. arranged like a pile of discarded photographs.

Richard EllisDeconstructing music.

“Creativity before all other concerns.”
J. P. Ranger

A large flightless bird indigenous to the region around New Orleans, Louisiana. Some individuals may be found inland as far as Colorado. Normal height is around 6 feet, plumage varies from dull grey to beige. The Richard Ellis’ call is a complex series of noises technically known as “sound improvisation” but often referred to colloquially as an “awful racket”. Normally a docile species, the Richard Ellis will violently attack persons who pronounce “New Orleans” in a way that rhymes with “Marlins”.


Richard Ellis looking wistful with his ukulele.
Richard Ellis daydreaming with his ukulele. Photo by Vic Dillahay.


Lesson Information

Hi, my name is Richard Ellis.

I teach guitar on Colorado’s front range, working with students of all ages and ability. My lessons are both fun and challenging but I tend to lean towards the fun side of it, teaching through playing songs you enjoy. We can play electric and acoustic fingerstyle guitar in whatever style of music you are interested in.

I’m originally from New Orleans, where I spent over 20 years playing rock, blues, funk, and jazz before moving to Colorado. I also studied music at the University of New Orleans and with the great Hank Mackie and Steve Masakowski.