Umm...Whaaat? (2021)by Richard EllisIt begs the question.

Richard Ellis played this on July 23rd, 2021 at Spring Creek Music. It is one continuous track. It is 25 minutes and 5 seconds long. It is completely improvised. It is presented exactly as it was performed, with no edits or overdubs.

The audio was made slightly prettier by audiosalvage.

The cover is by Kiley Ellis.



  1. Umm...Whaaat? (25:05)
    © 2021 Richard Ellis US‑DHM‑21‑12202

Technical Data

  • Label: Curious Automata
  • Catalog Number: 210917A
  • Released: September 17th, 2021
  • Format: CD and Digital
  • Total Tracks: 1
  • Duration: 25:05
  • UPC (Digital): 756839548328
  • UPC (Kunaki CD): 885007862710


Album Copyright

©: Richard Ellis
: 2021 Richard Ellis