White Snarky Anarchy logo on black back ground. They share the letters n, a, and r, suggesting anarchy should be pronounced to rhyme with snarky.

Snarky AnarchySnarky Anarchy is a simple group of guys who have absolutely no idea who they are?

Their youth takes them back to some remote and quite frankly strange parts of Germany and Scotland. Their parents decided that it was profitable to sell them on the black market thus sending them to remote and quite frankly strange parts of America. Here they found that youthful angst was rather popular and rather enjoyable. Picking up some instruments and barely practicing more than twice a year they formed a band. They found a remote and strange garage to record an album. Disregarding ever performing live due to extreme stage fright they decided to release their album and gain acceptance with an audience consisting of social media experts. We hope you enjoy this album that has very little intention and might make you happy (sort of). Or, it might influence you to join a new music revolution quite frankly called Snarky Anarchy!

Note: “Quite” refers to a certain or fairly significant extent or degree; fairly. “Frankly” is used to emphasize the truth of a statement, however unpalatable or shocking this may be.


A group of mannequins in garage with a guitar, tartan, and a bass behind them.
Snarky Anarchy's garage, by Bonnie Carmichael.


Band Members

  • JaKeddy – Bass and Vocals
  • Chris Cruncher – Drums
  • Vincent DeLay – Guitar
  • Billy Skid (RIP) – Vocals