Gemonious Rex

Jazz Quartet

Gemonious Rex was founded as a collaborative effort between four like-minded jazz musicians in the greater Denver, Colorado area. The group started as a project between two friends, bassist Tim Carmichael and keyboardist Justin Highland. After playing much of the standard jazz repertoire over the years, the search for something more than conventional jazz started with an effort to focus on all original music covering a wide range of styles in the jazz idiom. Carmichael and Highland composed, arranged and rehearsed all songs over the course of 2 years. The group came to fruition with the addition of two other accomplished jazz musicians, saxophonist and brother Doug Carmichael and drummer/percussionist Zay Alejandro Camara Rios. 

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Band Members:

  • Justin Highland – Keys
  • Doug Carmichael – Saxophone
  • Tim Carmichael – Bass
  • Zay Alejandro Camara Rios – Drums