Out and About, Half-Circled (2017)by Gemonious RexSearching for unconventional jazz.

Gemonious Rex was founded as a collaborative effort between four like-minded jazz musicians in the greater Denver, Colorado area. The group started as a project between two friends, bassist Tim Carmichael and keyboardist Justin Highland. After playing much of the standard jazz repertoire over the years, the search for something more than conventional jazz started with an effort to focus on all original music covering a wide range of styles in the jazz idiom. Carmichael and Highland composed, arranged and rehearsed all songs over the course of 2 years. The group came to fruition with the addition of two other accomplished jazz musicians, saxophonist and brother Doug Carmichael and drummer/percussionist Zay Alejandro Camara Rios. 



  1. Free Spirit (3:57)
    © 2017 Tim Carmichael US‑DHM‑17‑01799
  2. Buh-Bye (3:43)
    © 2017 Tim Carmichael, Arranged by Justin Highland US‑DHM‑17‑01780
  3. My Casual Nightmare (4:04)
    © 2017 Tim Carmichael, Arranged by Tim Carmichael and Justin Highland US‑DHM‑17‑01781
  4. So Kind (for Bonnie) (5:37)
    © 2017 Tim Carmichael, Additions and Arrangements by Justin Highland US‑DHM‑17‑01782
  5. Across the Board (3:34)
    © 2017 Justin Highland US‑DHM‑17‑01783
  6. Hopscotch (3:20)
    © 2017 Tim Carmichael, Arranged by Justin Highland US‑DHM‑17‑01784


Recorded on 10/9/2016 in Erie, Colorado.

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Scott 'Gusty' Christensen.


Huge thanks goes out to my brothers Justin, Doug, and Zay for their amazing talents and for bringing the coolness to our special music environment. Thanks also goes out to my parents and my amazing wife who has supported my crazy music journey and continues to be my cheerleader for bringing music to the world! Peace and Harmony!

Tim Carmichael

I'd first like to thank Tim, Doug and Zay for being so positive, flexible and fun to be around and willing to make this project a reality. I'd also like to thank my mentors Art, Eric and Peter for their immense knowledge, support and help over the years. Also thanks to my mother Lynn for introducing music into my life and making me take piano lessons. Last but not least thanks to my father Bill and sister Julie.


I would like to thank my uber supportive wife and kids for all their encouragement and of course their willingness to share their time with a very excited musician.  HUGE thanks to Patty, Hannah, Nate and Aaron.


Thank you to Justin Carmichael, Doug Highland and Tim Rios also thank you Liz and Alex Rios, my parents.


Technical Data

  • Label: Curious Automata
  • Catalog Number: 170221a
  • Released: February 21st, 2017
  • Format: CD and Digital
  • Total Tracks: 6
  • Duration: 24:14
  • UPC: 191091375273


Album Copyright

©: 2017 Tim Carmichael and Justin Highland
: 2017 Tim Carmichael and Justin Highland