Rich Carlson behind the drum kit.

Rich CarlsonTwistedDrums

Rich Carlson is an accomplished, self-taught drummer who began playing when he was 14 years old, giving him over 25 years of drumming experience. His drum technique is influenced by John Bonham, Tommy Aldridge, and Ian Pace. At the young age of 15, Rich began playing in bands in the San Francisco Bay area. Rich played in an array of cover bands, playing five nights a week to improve his skills. By the age of 20, he was a proficient drummer playing Bay area club scene. His bands included The Toys, Hari Kari, G Force and Autobahn, and Badd Boyz - a band consisting of great talents such as Paul Shortino ("Rough Cut" and Quiet Riot"), Mitch Perry (Cher and MSG), and Sean McNabb (Great White). Rich currently plays with renowned local Denver hard rock band Horse, playing the major venues in the Denver area.

Some highlights from Rich’s musical career include auditioning for Ozzy Osbourne and earning a second call back, opening up for many big-name acts such as Pat Benatar, Blue Oyster Cult, and Y&T.

Rich currently resides in Denver, Colorado, and aside from playing live, he has played on numerous CDs and does studio work as well.


  • TwistedDrums (Twisteddrums Publishing, 2016) A Dynamic approach to drumming independence..