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left blank shirts

T-shirts for Vic Dillahay’s left blank are now available from our store. These are the first American Apparel t-shirts we’ve offered. We’re still conflicted about this choice, but they seem like the least evil option at the moment. Still, if you have a better source please comment or email us.

New Book: Index of Movement in Diatonic Sets

The Thesaurus of Diatonic Sets, describes the relationships between the content of the subsets of the diatonic or other seven-note scales. It is careful about the set content but woefully lacking in concern about how sets move, treating all sets with similar content relationships the same. It is a map with every possible destination but no roads. This book adds…

Analogues of Infinity

New Release: Analogues of Infinity from Vic Dillahay

A new album of solo guitar from Vic Dillahay Analogues of Infinity at Curious Automata Buy: CD Bandcamp iTunesStream: Spotify Rhapsody I’ve decided to clear out some old projects, releasing them warts and all. First up is this solo guitar set from last year. February 14th was a snowy day and to stave off cabin fever I decided to record…

Graphite Addiction (Reissue)

2007 debut release from Colorado jazz trio Graphite Addiction. Featuring Tim Carmichael on upright and electric bass, Vic Dillahay on guitar, and Pete Ehrmann on Percussion. Buy CD Tracks: Chasing the Mantra (4:28) Mr. Phatpants (12:57) A Simple Wish (1:47) Told You Once for the Second Time (4:21) Number 42 (9:51) Total Run Time – 33:24

Thesaurus of Diatonic Sets by Vic Dillahay

About the Book: The Thesaurus of Diatonic Sets is a guide to all of the sets formed by the diatonic or any other seven note scale. Every possible set is listed along with their descriptions, diatonic interval vectors, subsets, supersets, and sets which contain no common tones. This book is ordered logically, starting by number of notes. Sets of the…